We repair your cover in only 3 days.

We know how many disadvantages a machine downtime can cause. That's why we created a service to guarantee you a reparation within 3 days time.

Have your cover revised on time, you will save lots of machine downtimes 

Do you have to replace only the seals? Times are reduced

Contact us before you send your cover and ask for timing in order to optimize the machine downtime

Push on the blue icon and fill in the form, we will immediately contact you


Inviaci il carter, ti faremo una quotazione immediata.

Indirizzo di spedizione : Via Vienna 54 -24040 Verdellino(BG)- IT

Recipient : Dexmo S.R.L Via Londra, 32 - 24040 Ciserano (BG)- IT          CF/PIVA:04295320164

Reg Imprese BG:451742

** nessun tipo di costo fermo macchina potrà esserci addebitato